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DTP, Design, and Printing

Our DTP and design department works with all kinds of desktop publishing and graphic design packages on both PC and Mac platforms.

Our specialists know everything about the nuances of multilingual DTP. Your documents will be formatted in accordance with local target language standards and fully prepared for printing.

In addition to prepress production, Janus offers professional design and printing services.

We produce catalogs, brochures, booklets, leaflets, and other materials on electronic media.

DTP and Prepress Services Offered by Janus

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) of non-editable documents for subsequent translation
  • Formatting of translated documents to match the original document or set format
  • Prepress services: you receive ready-to-use layouts for printing
  • Development of electronic manuals and other materials to be distributed digitally
  • Design and prepress layout development
  • Brand book development

Multimedia Localization

New methods of publishing and transferring information via multimedia have become an integral part of modern life and have largely or completely replaced conventional methods.

Even in day-to-day operations, the corporate sector has been unable to rely solely on text documents and emails, turning also to audiovisual images and interactive presentations in order to deliver its message to the final recipient faster and in a more compelling way.

Multimedia is a mixture of different types of informative presentation, including text, sound, images, animation, and video. At the same time, the process of localizing multimedia materials differs from conventional written translation due to the strict limitations imposed by this format.

Janus offers a full spectrum of services associated with the translation and localization of multimedia materials, audio production, dubbing and subtitling, as well as proofing and linguistic quality control of the final product.

Services can come as a package covering the project from start to finish or individually, covering certain stages, depending on project requirements.

These can include

  • Transcription
  • Translation of audio and video materials and scripts
  • Subtitling
  • Dubbing and voice-overs
  • Post-production
  • Localization quality control


Notarization is a process whereby a licensed notary public certifies the authenticity of the signature of a professional translator who has translated a document to be submitted to the authorities.

Janus offers extremely fast notarization of any translation. Translations are performed by highly qualified, experienced specialists and notarized by a licensed notary public. You will then receive a translated document that has legal force and can be legally used in the country and submitted to the authorities.

In addition to notarization, Janus offers additional certification of the translator’s signature with its company seal.

Courier delivery services are provided on request.

Linguistic Services

Janus’s linguistic services include:

  • Terminology Management(Glossary Development)

Terminology management includes, among other things, glossary development from scratch or glossary editing for new projects or projects lacking in terminology, as well as terminology checks for existing translation orders.

  • Marketing Adaptation of Existing Translations

Marketing adaptation services imply a complete revision of texts, usually advertisements, performed by professional editors and re-writers in order to make marketing texts more appealing and easy for the target audience to understand, with due consideration of local linguistic and geographical factors.

  • Linguistic Testing

After linguistic testing, the product that has been localized into different languages will look flawless and function without fail, in accordance with the requested specifications. A product that is easy for a multilingual audience to understand and use will open up new markets and opportunities for growth.

  • Linguistic Studies (Connotation Check)

We conduct linguistic studies and with the help of our subject matter experts select the most accurate and well-assimilated terms in the target language, which guarantees correct translations of the product in the future and the complete understanding thereof by the experts in the appropriate field. Terminology is discussed via a web-based interface on the company’s corporate portal. The client’s representatives can also participate in these discussions. We are also pleased to offer our clients connotation check services, which consist of making sure that brand names are adequately perceived by the appropriate target audience.

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