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Janus Life Sciences

The leader in the B2B medical translation sector

Janus is the market leader in the field of life sciences, offering clients expert knowledge, experienced employees and high-tech, innovative solutions.

Full Spectrum of Ready-to-Use Solutions:

We will provide a full spectrum of services for your business: from translation of any materials to localization of audio and video content.

Professional Medical Qualifications:

Ninety percent of translators employed by Janus Life Sciences have college degrees in medicine in addition to their linguistics education.

Reduced Costs and Resource Conservation:

We optimize costs by using modern technologies, which reduce expenses while preserving the high quality of translations.

Difficult Subject Areas:

We have a large pool of translators and editors who specialize in various medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Fast Delivery of Large Volumes:

We are able to deliver rush translations, including for large projects, thanks to carefully selected expert solutions.

Global Work Experience:

We are a global team providing linguistic support all over the world, from all of our offices, 24/7.

Large Multilingual Projects:

We offer translations into any language, focusing on finding the latest solutions and on project management.

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Our Specialty

We perform translations in all fields of medicine, healthcare, and medical marketing

Pharmaceuticals, Biological Products and Biosimilars

  • Registration
  • Clinical and pre-clinical studies
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Package inserts

Veterinary Products

  • Registration
  • Package inserts

Medical Devices

  • Registration
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Service and user documentation

Promotional and Educational Materials

  • Printed
  • Audio and video
  • Interactive apps

Medical Software

  • Localization of clinical and laboratory equipment interfaces
  • Localization of apps for doctors’ workstations

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Success Stories

Reviews and recommendations from our clients

World-Class Quality

The quality of our translations is proven by international certificates and awards

ISO 17100 Certificate

A current ISO 17100

(Translation Services/Requirements for Translation Services)

certificate guarantees a high quality of translation services.

ISO 13611 Certificate

ISO 13611 certification

(Interpreting/Guide­lines for Community Interpreting)

guarantees that the quality of our interpreting services meets current market requirements.

Translation Ranking

Janus Worldwide was ranked the largest LSP in Russia in 2021 and named as a leader in the medical translation market.

CSA Research

Janus Worldwide was ranked the 7th largest LSP in Western Europe in 2021 and number 40 in the list of The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2021.

Moscow Translation Club

Janus Worldwide is one of the founders of the Moscow Translation Club (MTC), an association of active players on the Moscow translation market. Janus Worldwide has been an MTC member since 2014.


We are well-integrated into the global professional community. In 2006, Janus Worldwide became a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

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