The Janus Interpreting Center was established in 2005 and has continued to grow ever since. We are expanding our areas of expertise within the field of life sciences and keep adding new language pairs. The range of our services is increasing through natural growth of the team. All of this has been happening in response to our clients’ needs, the latest developments in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and ever-changing environment.

Our unmatched 15-year experience combined with a high level of professionalism and deep sense of personal responsibility allow us to develop comprehensive solutions for any linguistic problems our clients might encounter.

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Why choose Janus Interpreting Center

Ready-to-Use Solutions

We offer a wide range of services, from interpreting and equipment rental to event management and technical support.

Strong Team of Genuine Experts

Our highly committed team of interpreters, technicians, and managers possess specialized knowledge and extensive experience of working at events with a wide range of formats and in a variety of industries.

Favorable Terms

We offer optimal prices for our services, as well as customized terms and discounts.

World-Class Quality Control

Quality control is certified in accordance with the quality management standard ISO 13611 for interpreting services.

Consecutive Interpreting

This type of interpreting requires interpreters to listen to a segment of speech and shortly afterwards, once the speaker’s intent is clear, reproduce it in translation.

Benefits of Consecutive Interpreting

  • No specialized equipment is required, which increases the event’s mobility.
  • Event participants have additional time to evaluate an idea or proposal (for instance, during business negotiations).
  • Unlike simultaneous interpreting, where switching between two interpreters is always required, one linguist will be enough.

Consecutive interpreting is frequently a favored choice for such events as business negotiations, meetings, round tables, briefings, press conferences, GMP audits, supervised installations at manufacturing facilities, specialized exhibitions, and guided tours.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This type of interpreting is done simultaneously while listening to the source. Conventional simultaneous interpreting requires specialized equipment and an interpreter’s booth. Simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs.

Advantages of Simultaneous Interpreting

  • More effective interaction between speaker and audience due to seamless flow of information. This allows the speaker to sense the slightest changes in the audience’s mood and respond accordingly.
  • Event duration can be decreased by half (compared to consecutive interpreting).
  • Participant convenience: the interpreter’s speech does not interfere with that of the speaker for those who do not require a translation.
  • Ability to simultaneously interpret into several different languages.
  • Improved status of the event.

Simultaneous interpreting is most often sought after for such events as international conferences, forums, congresses, and presentations.

Whispered interpreting is a type of simultaneous interpreting that involves translation whispered into the ears of one or two listeners. A simultaneous interpreter positioned right next to the listener whispers the translation into the listener’s ear as the speaker talks.

Advantages of Whispered Interpreting

  • Instantaneously communicated information.
  • No complex sound equipment required.
  • Ability to work with select listeners.

Most often, whispered interpreting is used when all but a few event participants understand the language of the event and/or when the event participants are moving around.

Sometimes, when an interpreter cannot be positioned next to the listener, a portable wireless system may be used for simultaneous interpreting.

GMP Audit Support

Linguistic support for GMP audits is a popular service in the pharmaceutical industry. Our interpreters come highly recommended and possess specialized terminology knowledge and experience of working with GMP auditors. They will help your GMP audit go smoothly.

Advantages of Ordering GMP Audit Support from Janus

  • The company’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in life sciences.
  • Comprehensive nature of services provided (proper interpreting, transportation and accommodation for interpreters, translation of the site master file (SMF) and post-audit reports).
  • Ability to hire an on-site interpreter or an interpreter specializing in a rare language.
  • Ability to hire a specific interpreter chosen by the client for the project.

Equipment Rental

The use of quality equipment is an important component of any successful event. We lease a wide range of the latest equipment from globally recognized brands for any period of time.

  • Simultaneous interpreting equipment.
  • Wireless transmitters/receivers.
  • Sound equipment.
  • Conference equipment.
  • Voting systems.
  • Equipment for presentations.
  • Audio- and videoconferencing equipment.

Event Management

There are a number of ways that Janus can help you if you are organizing an event anywhere in Russia or the CIS. Our service packages include a full range of ready-to-use solutions for planning and supporting business events and conferences.

We take pride in our experts, including our interpreters who have professional degrees in both linguistics and medicine, guaranteeing high-quality translations and unrivaled terminological accuracy; our expert engineers, who ensure that the technical side of our events is always on point; and our managers, with many successfully completed projects under their belts, who can confidently and effectively manage the processes they are entrusted with.

Every single member of our team can be described as responsible, punctual, and detail-oriented, leaving the success of your event in absolutely no doubt.

Janus offers a full range of event management services

  • Design and planning: event concept and program design, venue and equipment rentals, online registration for event participants, conference brochure and documentation package design and printing, event photography and videography, recording and copying of materials onto CD, DVD, and USB.
  • Translation services: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, translation of documents, presentations and press releases, video remote interpreting.
  • Technical event support: rental of simultaneous interpreting and sound amplification equipment, wireless microphones, round-table conference systems, sound recording equipment, and presentation equipment.
  • Additional services: design and distribution of invites, welcoming of guests, invitation of speakers and the media, on-site participant registration, design and production of printed materials, souvenirs and participant packages, catering services.

Interpreting at Exhibitions

Participation in industry exhibitions is an excellent opportunity for a company to demonstrate its capabilities to clients and partners. In order to ensure successful participation in an exhibition, it is important that you speak your audience’s language, both figuratively and literally. Our interpreters will take care of the latter. They are highly qualified experts and hold university degrees not only in linguistics, but also in medicine, which ensures impeccable quality and perfectly accurate terminology.

Travel Interpreting

Meetings with clients and partners located in foreign countries form part of the normal business of large pharmaceutical and medical companies, which makes escort interpreters absolutely indispensable on business trips. Our team has many escort interpreters with all the required skills and knowledge. We also have a number of sightseeing tours to make your business trip not only productive but exciting as well.

Web Conferencing

Successful cloud web conferencing with colleagues, clients, and partners at any time, regardless of how many participants are involved, where they are located, or the number of devices that are used, without the need for any software, has just become not simply incredible but incredibly simple with Janus VRI.

Benefits of Janus VRI

  • Ability to engage interpreters specializing in any language pair or subject matter without additional costs.
  • Ability to record conferences and have them transcribed afterwards by the Janus team.
  • High level of security and confidentiality.
  • High-quality, reliable connection.
  • Technical support from Janus.
  • No logistics expenses.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Integration with popular office apps, making meetings easy to schedule and meeting invites easy to send.
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